AHS’s Recent & Upcoming Personal Appearances

AHS at the Henry River Mill Village, the site of District 12 in the film The Hunger Games, in 2012. Photo by Larry M. Hall.


RavenCon 2016 in Williamsburg, Virginia (as Guest Scholar)

ConCarolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina (as Guest Scholar)

MidAmeriCon II/The 74th World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City, Missouri (as Guest/Programming Participant)

The John W. Campbell Conference (sponsored by the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas) in Kansas City, Missouri (as Guest Speaker)

“Liberty and Justice: Foundations for a Free Society” Conference at Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. (as Guest Speaker)


Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs, Wyoming (as Guest Speaker)

ConGregate 4/DeepSouthCon 55 in High Point, North Carolina (as Literary Guest)

A Long-Expected Party 4 in Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, Kentucky (as Guest Scholar)

The McConnell Center at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky (as Guest Speaker)


Roanoke Harry Potter Fest in Roanoke, Virginia (as Guest Speaker)